Walk Guidelines

Walking guidelines

Prior to planning your virtual walk, please consider the emotional impact an event like this may cause.

We strongly suggest the following guidelines.

Be respectful

As a virtual walk organiser, you have a duty of care to those attending.

Provide access to support

Let people know they can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit the Lifeline website

Provide information

See the Suicide prevention & awareness section of the Lifeline website. You can use to find bereavement support services and counselling information.

Stay positive

The themes of this campaign are reflection, recovery, hope and prevention. Start your walk with a welcome reflection. This will give the walk context - that the walk represents steps we can all take to prevent suicide.

Provide space for reflection

Allow people to be reflective, thoughtful and open by creating an opportunity for reflective space.

Additional support

Your local Lifeline Centre might be able to help you with your walk. A few telephone volunteers may be available to provide emotional support at the walk for attendees who may be distressed.