Lifeline Virtual Garden

Open 24 hours, anytime, anywhere. A garden of remembrance, a garden of reflection. Here you can plant a flower, hold a personal silence, smile or shed a tear knowing you are amongst friends.

Dedicated to

Lifeline South Coast

Thank you for your collaboration, your energy and courage for Out of the Shadows 2020.

Flower donated by James Duffy

Dedicated to

Bodean Yerkovich

Gone from sight but never from our heart. Rob, Gail, Kelsey & Cameron xxxx

Flower donated by Gail Havasi

Dedicated to

Flower donated by Tess Crossing

Dedicated to

Youth of the Illawarra

Reach out when you need help

Flower donated by Cathy Allan

Dedicated to

Love and Hope

We are all in this Together

Flower donated by Jojo Waring

Dedicated to

Chonelle and Courtney

Flower donated by Paige & Angelique Hanlon

Dedicated to

The souls of those whose financial hardship felt insomountabe

I dedicate this flower to an Australia where no one feels unsupported.

Flower donated by Anne Marie Sharkey

Dedicated to

James Michael Elliott

If tears could build a stairway, and memories were a lane, we would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again đź’™ Gone too soon, Rest In Peace All our love, Team Elliott

Flower donated by Alyce Elliott

Dedicated to

All those suffering during difficult times

Flower donated by Peter Talbot

Dedicated to

Kiama Community

Let’s remember those lost to suicide and unite as a community in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide.

Flower donated by Esther Keenan

Dedicated to

Individuals experiencing mental illness’

I will always do what I can to support those who reach out. I will listen, empower and assist anyone who is struggling in anyway that I can!

Flower donated by Sophie Beringer

Whilst we may not be able to share the warmth of connection face to face for World Suicide Prevention Day, we hope this garden will be a place to come together, unity in knowing you are not alone.