Lifeline Virtual Garden

Open 24 hours, anytime, anywhere. A garden of remembrance, a garden of reflection. Here you can plant a flower, hold a personal silence, smile or shed a tear knowing you are amongst friends.

Dedicated to

all the beautiful people who can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

You are loved and cherished. There is light at the end of the tunnel. This darkness will lift even if you can't see or feel the Light. Saying this as a proud survivor of 31 years of abuse and trauma from birth by a mother with a blend of paranoid, schizoid, narcissistic, sociopat...

Flower donated by Tiffany Weng

Dedicated to

Maggie Bant

O' sister,
What's wrong with your mind?
You used to be, so strong and stable.

My sister, What made you fall from grace?
I'm sorry that I, was not there to catch you.
What have the demons done?
What have the demons done with the luminous light,

Flower donated by Stephanie Bant

Dedicated to

James JJ Jonathon

Remembering those we love who lost their fight to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide.

Flower donated by Rula Papadopoulos

Dedicated to

Work Test

Walk to raise awareness, remember those lost to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide.

Flower donated by Ro test

Dedicated to


We are all better for having known you x

Flower donated by Ina Mullin

Dedicated to


I’m walking to raise awareness of suicide,,to remember all those we have lost and to raise money to prevent death by suicide. I’m walking to acknowledge and join with those living with the impact of suicide. I walk in hope and with love 💕 

Flower donated by Denise Dagley

Dedicated to

The work Lifeline Macarthur do to help our community

Lets unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide, but talking about mental health and raising awareness for the services offered to our community by Lifeline Macarthur. 

Flower donated by Ellen George

Dedicated to

All those who have lost someone to suicide

Flower donated by Jacqueline Moore

Dedicated to

The ones that have lost the battle & those who are still fighting

Help raise awareness for those who have lost their battle, the ones left behind and those who are fighting a daily battle in silence. Sometimes it's the happy people you need to check on the most.  

Flower donated by Jasmine Christoforou

Dedicated to


There’s always hope xx

Flower donated by Georgia Oxborough

Dedicated to

Nicole Button

You are in my heart each and every day. I miss you and I miss us.

Flower donated by Clare Button

Dedicated to

Flower donated by Robert Hanssen

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Flower donated by Celine Keifer

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Walk to raise awareness, remember those lost to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide.

Flower donated by Test2 wu

Dedicated to

I am walking to send a message of hope this World Suicide Prevention Day.

Hey guys! Im sure this is something we all have been touched by in some way. We of all people are seeing the impact of the pandemic and just how much we need supports in place. So if you can please donate, lets get in and help keep our crisis lines alive!!

Flower donated by Erinn Knight

Dedicated to

Hoang Bui

Hoang Bui, or Henry, was a brave man. He suffered through many ordeals, including numerous toxic relationships. This is a dedication to his bravery throughout.

Flower donated by Edward Huynh

Dedicated to

My cousin

Flower donated by Caitlin Sibbald

Dedicated to

The Minderoo Foundation

To the Minderoo Foundation team- Thank you for your financial support towards our services.

Flower donated by Lifeline South Coast

Dedicated to

Anyone doing it tough

To anyone out there who is hurting, it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help it's a sign of strength

Flower donated by Candace Mayo

Dedicated to

Raising Awareness

Going through school being bullied and assaulted, lead me into a world of darkness. Diagnosed at 17 with Bipolar 2 & BPD, I entered adulthood with a goal of not living to see my next birthday every year. I attempted suicide a number of times. Thankfully I was never successful,...

Flower donated by Ashlea Aldridge

Whilst we may not be able to share the warmth of connection face to face for World Suicide Prevention Day, we hope this garden will be a place to come together, unity in knowing you are not alone.