Dannii Worthington

By Katherine clarke

Dannii our angel

Dannii was the life of the party, a loving mother of 2 children, her smile and funny personality always made her the popular girl, the one everyone wanted to be with or be like. 
Dannii was unfortunately fighting a battle in her mind that many people do not know about or talk about. She lost that fight (probably the only one ever as that girl could throw hands). Dannii was everything to so many people but especially her children. Let’s unite to talk about suicide, to make it ok to speak up and be heard. Let’s honour Dannii 

I'm dedicating a flower for my loved one

Walk to raise awareness, remember those lost to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide.

Thank you to my Supporters


Katherine Clarke

I miss you Dannii, I want to make sure no other family goes through this.


Barb Hadley

Lifeline saved me from a similar fate MANY years ago. I pray Dannii is now at peace. ❤️


Stevie-lee De Rooy

Rest easy beautiful girl!! May your light shine over us on our darkest days... Your presence will not be forgotten... x


Holly Johnson

Give my dad a blunt while your up there pls Dannii xxx love you