Elisha Parkes

By Cheree Farrell

I'm dedicating a flower for my loved one

Walk to raise awareness, remember those lost to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide and Mental Illness. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Lisa Conyers

Thinking of you Cheree


Valentina Risteski

Cheree i'm so proud of the Wonder Woman you are ! Never change who you are , Elisha RIP loved above and beyond by her beautiful family .xxx


David Hopkins

You are such a strong woman! Have a blessed day!


Troy Bruton


Malena Grande

With love Cheree


Kristie Martin

Good luck and will be thinking of you.. They are amazing people, and give so much time and support to those in need. Xxx❤❤❤


Paul Grande


Allison Gibbons


Selina Key

Your a beautiful ray of sunshine Cheree. Keep pressing forward and always know we are here for you ❤️


Julian’s Gifts

Cheree I meant to donate $50 but only $25 went through so doing again!


Conor Ellem

Head up you are amazing person and doing great things!, the goods times are coming


Heather Kanazawa



Clare White

Thinking of you Cheree. Keep smiling🥰


Caroline Hodson

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Incredibly sad. I hope she knows she was loved by her family. X


Sharon Ashton

Well done Cheree. Elisha would be so proud. 😘😘😘



I hope this donation makes a difference to some one in needs life. I am so sorry, you have all of my support & care & wishes, at this time.


Neville Fenn

Take care Cheree thinking of you and Ethan at this time.


Julian’s Gifts

Wonderful way to honour your sister Cheree. Xxx