Stephen Thomas

By Carley Thomas

Amy’s reflections

As many of you would know I lost my dad this year. 

My dad passed away from suicide. I was heart broken and to be honest there isn't a day that goes past that I don't think of you dad. tonight alone I made battered fish from scratch and cried thinking that you would of been stoked to have that for dinner instead of veggies.

 I am grateful for the help out there but there still is so much to learn and help that is needed. For myself I still find it hard to talk about it or maybe not came to terms yet. 

But the need for awareness and support for not only in the hospital but once people get out is huge and that is something that was very clear to me and my family this year. 

If you can please donate, it is something so close to my heart. My dad was a loving man. A man of helping and caring for others and I want to carry on that for him x 

I'm dedicating a flower for my loved one

This year we lost a father, brother, grandfather, uncle and friend to suicide. 

In his time with us even when he was not doing well, Stephen channeled his passion and struggle into helping others. 

We know that 9 Australians die each day by suicide; 75% of those men. But we have far to come in education, awareness and reduction of stigma.

Please donate to raise awareness, and remember those like Stephen lost to suicide for World Suicide Prevention Day this September 10. Together we can unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths by suicide.

Thank you to my Supporters


Stephen Mcdonald

Dad would be proud


Kaye Holden

I love you children so much and yes your dad would be proud of the 3 of you . Life is to short and more education and help is needed. This donation is from both Rod and I xoxoxo


Peta Stewart

My dear brother Stephen you are very much missed and loved. Carley Amy and James you are all amazing and Dad is very proud of you all. 💕


Carley Thomas


Amy Thomas

❤️ for dad


Phil Mckeough


Karen Gaskill

Sorry for your loss Carley ❤️


Fritz-tupai Fam


Nicole Bright

Proud of you and will always remember Stephen xo


Bec Robinson


Bianca Miles

Carley, your ability to turn personal emotional hardship into compassion for others is a testament to the strength of your character and worthy of admiration. For Stephen and for a truly worthy cause x


Staci Smythe

Bring light into the dark


Tracy Mcmurtrie

What a wonderful friend, father, grandfather, uncle, stepdad, my heart breaks for all of you, please reach out if you need a hand .


Luzia Bodame

Dearest Carley, Thinking of you… this is a wonderfully sad but real cause we all need to be aware of daily and support those suffering with mental health. Love you my dear friend.


Rachel Bartolo

Very grateful to call Amy, your daughter, my friend! You are such a huge part of her, and she loves you always ❤️


Linda Heak

Thinking of you and your family Amy. Lots of love ❤


Jessica Read


Elizabeth Bova

Thinking of you and sending my love!


Kylie Bailey

Thank you for raising awareness, and funds. I am sorry for your loss, and admire your strength <3


Sophie Hori



Ashley Franklin

So sorry to hear, that must have been so difficult for you and the family 😔 Thankyou for sharing his story.



I'm so sorry that this happened, but so proud to see you trying to have some positivity come of it in helping others. <3